Cead Mile Failte
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

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Thursday and Friday

Karaoke with
DJ Dan 


Come join the fun!  
Sing a song or just sing-a-long!!

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***  KENO ***
Come Play 
Games Every 5 Minutes!!
Starting at 11:05 AM until 1:00 AM

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"All You Can Eat Fish Fry"
Monday thru Thursday
From 2PM to 5PM

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Come Watch All Sports
on our Big Screen!
From Pats and Red Sox,
Celtics and Bruins...
 all with a little Horse Racing, too!

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Saturday and Sunday Brunch Hours
8AM until 2PM
Full menu available at noon
Check us out on Facebook!
Gift Certificates always available!
Please refer to our Contact page for
Employment Opportunities

Welcome to
Master McGrath's
Restaurant and Irish Pub

Master McGrath was a greyhound who became an Irish National hero by beating England's  racing pride
White Rose and carrying back
 the coveted Waterloo Cup
 to Ireland three times.
There's a big stone monument
 to him next to our sister pub in County Waterford.
It's over a hundred years since he chased the hare, and yet his
 picture is still proudly displayed
 in half the pubs and
barbershops of Ireland.

"The Greatest Greyhound that ever lived"
His passing 1871

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