"Ode to Master McGrath"

1869 bein the date of the year
The Waterloo sportsmen, they all did appear
To win the great race and to bear it away
Never counting on Ireland and Master McGrath

And when they arrived there in big London town
The great English sportsmen they all gathered 'round
One of the gentlemen gave a "Ha! Ha!
Is that the great dog you call Master McGrath?"

Lord Lurgan stepped forward and said "Gentlemen,
If there's any among you have money to spend,
For your great English greyhound I don't care a straw.
I'll bet 5,000 to 1 upon Master McGrath."

White Rose stood uncovered, the great English pride
Her trainer and owner were both by  her side.
They led them away and the crowd cried "Hurrah!"
For the pride of all England and Master McGrath.
As Rose and the Master, they both ran along,
"I wonder," says Rose "what took ya from your home.
You should have stayed there in your Irish domain
Not come to gain laurels on Albion's Plain."

"It's true," says McGrath, "we have wild heathered bogs,
But you'll find in Ole Ireland we have good men and dogs
Lead on, bold Britannia, you've run off your jaw;
So back up your nostrils," says Master McGrath.

The hare she led on, what a beautiful view
As swift as the wind o'er the green fields she flew.
He jumped on her back and he held up his paw
"Three cheers for Ole Ireland," says Master McGrath.

I've known many greyhounds that filled me with pride
In the days that are gone and it can't be denied,
The greatest and the bravest the world ever saw
Was our Champion of Champions,
Brave Master McGrath.

Master McGrath, "The Greatest Greyhound That
Ever Lived" - His passing 1871
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